Neil Fisher, Weldwerks Brewing

October 25, 2016
Ryan's choices for Buzzed words:
- Neil: Greeley
- Larkin: Haze
- Brandon: dry hop

Brandon's choices for Buzzed Words:
- Ryan: Wizard
- Eric: Daffodil
- Neil: China

Larkin's choices for Buzzed Words:
- Neil: Greeley
- Ryan: fan (as in fans of their stuff)
- Brandon: New England

So When Ryan says "Wizard" or "fan", you drink
When Brandon says "dry hop" or "New England" you drink
When Larkin says "haze" or "daffodil" you drink
When Neil says "China" you drink, when he says "Greeley" you drink twice since both Larkin and Ryan chose it.

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