The man, the myth, the legend… Travis Rodgers

November 9, 2016
This week we are joined by Ryan's favorite radio personality, Travis Rodgers. We talk beer, sports, haircuts and other things.

Ryan's Buzzed Words:
- Brandon: libertarian
- Larkin: third party
- Travis: "guy" but only in "bad guy" or "guy I used to know"

Eric's buzzed words:
- Ryan: burrito
- Brandon: biotransformation
- Travis: ball (any sportsball$)

Brandon's buzzed words:
- Ryan: Bad Guy
- Eric: Mash Tun
- Travis: Election

So when Brandon says "libertarian" or "biotransformation", you drink. When Ryan says "burrito" or "Bad Guy" you drink. When Larkin says "third party" or "mash tun" you drink. When Travis says "guy" or "ball" or "election" you drink.

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