2016 in Review

January 2, 2017

In this episode we take a look back at 2016 with special guest Erick Lee. He's the guy we thank at the end of every episode for composing the theme music.

Ryan's buzzed word picks:
- Brandon: Hanukkah
- Larkin: Party
- Erick: Song

Brandon's buzzed word picks:
- Eric: house
- Ryan: new

Larkin's buzzed word picks:
- Ryan: Pilsner
- Brandon: Pilsner
- Erick Lee: Pilsner

So when Brandon says Hanukkah, you drink. When Larkin says party or house, you drink. When Erick says song, you drink. And when anyone says Pilsner, you drink.


How Colorado’s weird liquor laws impact small breweries

December 19, 2016

In this episode we talk about Colorado's weird liquor laws, the changes to those laws as a result of the "grocery store bill", and what those changes mean for breweries like Odd13.

Eric's buzzed word selections:
- Ryan: twitter
- Brandon: fruit or fruited as in "fruited IPA"

Brandon's buzzed word selections:
- Ryan: bill
- Eric: Louisiana

Ryan's buzzed word selections:
- Larkin: King Soopers
- Brandon: Liquor

So when Ryan says "Twitter" or "bill", you drink. When Larkin says "Louisiana" or "King Soopers" you drink. When Brandon says "liquor" or "fruit", you drink.


Getting into the Industry

December 4, 2016

In this episode, we talk about how we each got into the industry and how we came to be working for Odd13.

Ryan's buzzed words:
- Brandon: beef donkey
- Larkin: beef donkey

Larkin's buzzed words:
- Brandon: sparkle donkey
- Ryan: twitter

Brandon's buzzed words:
- Larkin: Margarita
- Ryan: Holiday

So when Brandon says "beef donkey" or "sparkle donkey", you drink. When Larkin says "beef donkey" or "margarita", you drink. When Ryan says "twitter" or "holiday", you drink.


Cerebral Brewing

November 20, 2016

This week we are joined by our friends Sean and Chris from Cerebral Brewing in Denver. We talk about Cerebral's history and all of our normal nonsense.

Ryan's Buzzed words:

  • Larkin: Brett
  • Chris: cell count
  • Sean: double dry hopped

Larkin's Buzzed words:

  • Sean - equinox
  • Chris - science
  • Ryan - libertarian

The man, the myth, the legend… Travis Rodgers

November 9, 2016
This week we are joined by Ryan's favorite radio personality, Travis Rodgers. We talk beer, sports, haircuts and other things.

Ryan's Buzzed Words:
- Brandon: libertarian
- Larkin: third party
- Travis: "guy" but only in "bad guy" or "guy I used to know"

Eric's buzzed words:
- Ryan: burrito
- Brandon: biotransformation
- Travis: ball (any sportsball$)

Brandon's buzzed words:
- Ryan: Bad Guy
- Eric: Mash Tun
- Travis: Election

So when Brandon says "libertarian" or "biotransformation", you drink. When Ryan says "burrito" or "Bad Guy" you drink. When Larkin says "third party" or "mash tun" you drink. When Travis says "guy" or "ball" or "election" you drink.

Neil Fisher, Weldwerks Brewing

October 25, 2016
Ryan's choices for Buzzed words:
- Neil: Greeley
- Larkin: Haze
- Brandon: dry hop

Brandon's choices for Buzzed Words:
- Ryan: Wizard
- Eric: Daffodil
- Neil: China

Larkin's choices for Buzzed Words:
- Neil: Greeley
- Ryan: fan (as in fans of their stuff)
- Brandon: New England

So When Ryan says "Wizard" or "fan", you drink
When Brandon says "dry hop" or "New England" you drink
When Larkin says "haze" or "daffodil" you drink
When Neil says "China" you drink, when he says "Greeley" you drink twice since both Larkin and Ryan chose it.

Fruiternization of beer, plus GABF recap

October 14, 2016
In this episode, we talk GABF and fruit. Here are the Buzzed Words:
Brandon guessed:
- Eric - Ripe (as in ripe, over-ripe, under-ripe)
- Ryan - Cloying

Ryan guessed:
- Brandon: stand (as in microphone)
- Larkin: "from the can"

Larkin guessed:
- Brandon - raspberries
- Ryan - cherries

Talking GABF and ripping off the Rose/Carroll scale

October 2, 2016

This week we spend some time talking about the Great American Beer Festival and coming up with the benchmarks of our crushability scale. Our crushability scale is blatantly ripped off from @TravisRodgers' Rose/Carroll scale for haircuts.

- Ryan - Medal
- Larkin - Allagash

- Brandon - bias (in relation to judging)
- Ryan - merkin.

- Larkin: BJCP
- Brandon: merkin
So when Ryan says "medal" or "merkin" you drink. When Brandon says "bias" or "merkin" you drink. When Larkin says "BJCP" or "Allagash" you drink.

Talking Sours

September 9, 2016
In this episode we talk a bit about sour beer making. Specifically we talk about how we make sour beer and how it is similar and different from traditional producers and other modern producers.

Buzzed words from Brandon:
- Larkin - "hook" or "horns" (in reference to his beloved football)
- Ryan - "kick off" or "kick up"

Buzzed words from Ryan:
- Brandon: funk
- Larkin: allagash

Buzzed words from Eric:
- Ryan - aromatic
- Brandon - international citrus units

So, when Ryan says "Aromatic" or "Kick off/up" you drink. When Eric says "Allagash" or "hook em horns" you drink. When Brandon says "funk" or "international citrus units" you drink.

NE Style IPA follow up

August 16, 2016

In this episode, we say "uh" hopefully, uh, a lot less. Plus we tackle some listener questions about NE style IPAs that came in after our first episode.

Today's Buzzed words are sparse, because Brandon and Larkin didn't do their homework. When someone says their Buzzed Word, you drink.

Brandon's buzzed word: glycoside
Eric's buzzed word: America
Ryan has no buzzed words because Brandon and Eric didn't send any before we started recording