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May 22, 2018

Robotic Friends

This week's Odd13's Altered Egos podcast was recorded on the third annual Robot Librarian brew day. We were joined by a wide cast of characters from our friends at Cerebral Brewing, Fiction Beer Company, and Weldwerks Brewing. The podcast was fun with frequent chaos, but also some educational moments.

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January 16, 2018

2017 In Review

This week, we get together to talk about what happened in 2017.

Ryan's picks for Buzzed words:
- Larkin: diastaticus
- Brandon: primitive

Brandon's picks:
- Ryan: while
- Larkin: breck
Larkin's picks:
- Brandon: hops
- Ryan: more hops

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October 8, 2017

Seventh Son Brewing

This week we are joined by our friends Colin and Collin from Seventh Son Brewing in Columbus Ohio. We talk about collaborations, GABF, and how to spell the name Collin. (Or is it Colin?)

Ryan's picks for buzzed words:
- Larkin: collab
- Brandon: firkin
- Seventh Son folks: GABF

Brandon's picks:
- Larkin: GABF
- Ryan: Collab
- 7th Son: tired

Larkin's picks:
- Ryan: Ohio
- Brandon: Banana Hammock
- Anyone from seventh son: IPA

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September 17, 2017

Mike Drumm, Beer Attorney

In this week's episode, we talk to our Beer Attorney, Mike Drumm, about some of the legal issues facing brewers. You can find Mike at

Ryan's picks for Buzzed Words:
- Larkin: Diastaticus
- Brandon: Diastaticus
- Mike Drumm: trademark

Eric's picks:
- Ryan: yeast
- Brandon: beach
- L'Avocat: probation

Brandon's picks:
- Ryan: diastaticus
- Eric: sentinel
- Mike: law

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August 23, 2017

Echo Brewing, Pro-Am

Thsi week we are joined by our friend Dennis Richards from Echo Brewing in Frederick Colorado and Erie Colorado. We are also joined by homebrewer Travis Trembly, the winner of our pro-am competition. Plus, Sean Connery makes an appearance!

Ryan's picks for buzzed words:
- Travis: pro-am
- Dennis: Frederick
- Larkin: Maine
- Brandon: Red

Brandon's picks:
- Eric: Portland
- Ryan: Florida
- Travis: Hops
- Dennis: Expansion

Larkin's picks:
- Ryan: cheese
- Brandon: tectonic plates
- Travis: marky mark
- Echo: red

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This week we were joined by Ron Hoglund and Mitchell Nichols from Front Range Brewing in Lafayette, Colorado. We somehow managed to stay remarkably on topic.


Ryan's picks for Buzzed words:

- Eric: bachelor
- Brandon: collab
- Front Range: dunkel

Brandon's picks:
- Ryan: foot
- Eric: Vermont
- Front Range: lager

Eric's picks:
- Ryan: Anniversary
- Brandon: Vermont
- Front range: Lafayette

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This week we are joined by Brandon Jacobs from Great Divide Brewing in Denver Colorado. We chat about our collaboration beer and Brandon's background in the music industry.

Ryan's picks for Buzzed words:

- Larkin: Ghost
- Brandon B: Spooky
- Brandon J: Brighton

Eric's picks:
- Ryan: Foot-balls (not the sport type)
- Odd13 Brandon: Jesse Perlmutter
- Great Divide Brandon: Oats

Brandon's picks:
- Ryan: collab
- Eric: tropical
- Brandon (Great Divide): brett

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July 2, 2017

Stem Ciders

This week we welcome Stem Ciders into the studio. It was a lot of people in studio and it got about as off track as you'd expect. Johnny Appleseed and Viggo Mortensen are discussed.


Ryan's picks for Buzzed words:
- Larkin: apple
- Brandon: juice
- Stem: Lafayette

Eric's picks:
- Anyone from stem: apples
- Ryan: donkey
- Brandon: basque

Larkin's picks:
- Ryan: neighbor
- Eric: ibus
- Stem: buildout

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This week we are joined by Andy Parker, Chief Barrel Herder at Avery Brewing. We talk about the hundreds of Phish shows Andy has been to, along with a little about Avery's barrel projects.

Ryan's picks for Buzzed Words:
- Eric: expansion
- Brandon: coolship
- Andy: barrel

Brandon's Picks:
- Ryan: amnesiac
- Eric: Wedding
- Andy: Ginger

Larkin's Picks:
- Brandon: barrel
- Ryan: expansion
- Andy: the alley

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This week we are joined by our dear friend Nathaniel Miller from Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield, Colorado. We talk about their impending move to Brighton and all of our usual nonsense.

Ryan's choices for buzzed words:
- Eric: Depalletizer
- Brandon: Primitive
- Nathaniel: Brighton

Larkin's choices for buzzed words:
- Brandon: hutzupah
- Nathaniel: IPA
- Ryan: ska

Brandon's choices for buzzed words:
- Ryan: expansion
- Eric: boil
- Nathaniel: punk

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