Bryan Selders from The Post (oh, and Dogfish Head)

May 7, 2017

This week we are joined by Bryan Selders, formerly of Dogfish Head, currently of The Post, soon to be formerly of The Post, and soon to be once again of Dogfish Head. Confused? Don't be. Listen and find out what's going on with Bryan. We cover malt liquor, some near-disasters in the brewhouse, and some things that'll get you fired from a brewery. Bryan was on a tight timeframe, and after he left we covered some of the recent acquisitions.

Buzzed words:

Ryan's picks:

- Brandon: lager

- Larkin: sparkle

- Bryan: Dogfish

Brandon's picks:

- Ryan: Lagunitas

- Eric: Wicked

- Bryan: Dogfish Head

Eric's picks:

- Ryan: Anheuser Busch or AB

- Brandon: Mutton chops

- Bryan: lager


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